OKAY so it was probably slightly uncool to make this it’s own update, but OH WELL, what’s done is done.

SO this marks the END of our first chapter. Paisley Brickstone will be entering a two week hiatus now and OFFICIAL updates will begin again on June 19th. There’s a slight possibility still that we’ll be going on hiatus again next month when I move, but I’m going to be working hard during this extra time to make sure there’s more than enough buffer to get us by so it won’t even affect you guys.

SO WHAT’S THERE FOR YOU IN THE MEANTIME? Well, for starters, I’ve got several guest artists who were SUPREMELY GENEROUS and did a few strips and illustrations. All very talented people whom you should definitely check out their work.

Also consider giving my other comics a read!

Also a thanks to Resafandrab again! Jokes aside from these “special thank you to dedicated patrons” posts, I really do appreciate it. My phone bill is paid for, and I am able to do special postcards for my patreons thanks to the combined support of them (and hopefully special patron only streams as well, soon!)

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy the next few guest strips, and I’ll see you all again on the 19th!