SO RAMBLING about monday’s late page and a few announcements:

The weekend was insane, and since I haven’t been caught up on buffer for awhile, I keep being spacey and forgetful. SOON we’ll be back on track with no late updates again as I’ve got a whole months worth of pages very near completion. (I always have a full weeks worth of pages done, it’s just a matter of not forgetting to post them in the first place… Kinda counter productive to getting them done ahead of time, amirite?)

Anyway, I’ll remind everyone about this come July, but my update schedule might get a little wonky around then purely because I’m going to be moving to another state. I’m going to do my best to try and have enough of a page buffer to blanket the whole but as I’m currently actively working on three comics, and trying to get my fourth off hiatus, that may or may not happen. If I’m DILIGENT, it’ll all be fine. Another important announcement is come OCTOBER I’ll be launching a kickstarter for the first book. Keep an eye on my twitter for more regular updates regarding that.

One thing you guys DO get to know first, however, is I’ll be redrawing the prolog up to at least page 18 of Chapter 1 specifically for the kickstarter, as I didn’t start Paisley Brickstone with print in mind, and if I were to try and print them as they are, they’d either be really tiny or really blown out, blurry, and ugly. Not to mention the dimensions aren’t even the same. It’s not something I’m excited about doing, but I do want these books to be the best they can be, so it’s a necessary evil. These updated pages will not be replacing the old pages online until well after the kickstarter is funded and those who supported it have had the chance to see the art for themselves.