EYYY we’re updating again. Sorry for that massive delay, things have been pretty busy on my end. As mentioned before I had to deal with both a fire and moving and I grossly underestimated how bad tackling that on top of starting not one, but TWO new jobs, would be. Had I been able to get my buffer done through september things would have been great, but alas, that is not what happened.

But hey, guess what we’re back JUST IN TIME FOR? The anniversary of PBJhigh’s start on Tapastic and eventual return to it’s own website. Although the real anniversary was back in June, this one is more the “true” anniversary as I was not regularly updating it until September 26th of last year.

I have nothing planned for said anniversary, but I do want to thank everyone who’s a current reader for being here. You guys are not the reason I’m still working on PBJhigh, but it does warm my heart whenever I hear about people enjoying this comic. This comic is purely, truly, 100% something I am doing for myself, but thank you for climbing aboard this ride with me. Rollercoasters are way more fun when you have other people with you throwing their arms up and screaming while later sharing your complaints about whiplash and nausea afterwards. It’s not always the most rewarding experience, but it isn’t one I regret starting.

Anyway if you still like this comic please consider either joining the discord chat and/or checking out the patreon! If I can hit $100 on that patreon before the end of the year I will be a very happy camper. (Super doable, too, as it’s only about $30 away)