Name: Harvey Mammaroth

Power: Unknown besides handglow

Likes: Unicorns

Dislikes: Unicorns ūüôĀ

Bio: Raised to be the savior of mankind, Harvey has recently moved from the North and now attends to school of Paisley Brickstone. ¬†Although he never speaks, the ¬†perpetrator behind the heinous act of trapping all students in the school is somehow aware of Harvey’s destiny. ¬†Does this actually mean something, or is this just flavor text to get brains a thinking about details long in the past forgotten? ¬†It could just be one giant, delicious, fried red herring. ¬†Just kidding, fried fish is disgusting.


 Name: Sou-Cee Downs

Power: Future Vision (or so she says)

Likes: Drawing (even though she sucks at it)

Dislikes: The stress of worrying about grades all the time

Bio: Sou-Cee is your stereotypical “girl way too obsessed with grades to pay attention to her peers”. ¬†At her core, she just wants to dance and draw stupid comics, but ¬†the other kids see her as bossy and never invite her to any parties. ¬†She doesn’t care, because she wouldn’t go to their parties anyway. ¬†Or does she? ¬†She might care a little. ¬†A little a lot. ¬†Come on guys, let her go to just ONE party, she’ll pay good money.


 Name: Kirch Bunsen

Power: Grew some horns and fangs and stuff

Likes: Making music

Dislikes: Pulp

Bio: Considered the resident drug addict, the other students are convinced he’s just high all the time. ¬†He disappeared a good chunk of the previous year, and rumors ¬† ¬†circulated about him possibly being in jail. ¬†When he showed up without a full head of hair, the rumors became even more intense. ¬†What’s the deal with that??


Name: Landry Needleminder

Power: Webbed Hands?

Likes: Helping People

Dislikes: “Your Mom” jokes

Bio: Cursed with constant guilt, Landry strives to help anyone and everyone. ¬†It doesn’t matter what it is, he’ll do it, no matter the legalities. ¬†This drives his best friend ¬†Quinn crazy, who’s a complete opposite in that they reject anything and everything people ask them to do.


Name: Quinn Whirl

Power: ???

Likes: Gossip

Dislikes: Being psychoanalyzed

Bio: Landry’s best friend in the whole wide world, Quinn is a massive hipster. ¬†The minute something becomes mainstream, they reject it, and lament the fact that it’s ¬†popular now and that’s a shame, because it’s totally changed now that everyone else likes it. ¬†Even gender’s too mainstream for them.


Name: Fenmore Palsy

Power: Acid Spit

Likes: Telling people they’re wrong (especially Pierce)

Dislikes: Being picked on by Pierce

Bio: Pierce’s Twin. ¬†He’s a massive smartass and won’t hesitate to point out when someone’s said something “wrong”. ¬†He’ll let others do the driving, but will backseat ¬†them to hell and back. ¬†And if you try to do the same to him, he’ll still find some way of correcting you in the most irritating way he can. ¬†And trust me, no one is more annoyed by this than Pierce. ¬†A lot of the other students think he and Darian should date.


Name: Darian Mcinteer

Power: ???

Likes: Critiquing the works of others.

Dislikes: IDIOTS.

Bio: Darian is the self proclaimed queen of the school, and isn’t afraid of doing some cold-hard sassing. ¬†A lot of the other kids don’t like her at all, but not only is she ¬†aware of this, but she doesn’t care, either. ¬†If you can’t handle what she has to say about you, you don’t deserve her friendship. ¬†She wishes there were more people out there who would just tell it like it is. ¬†A lot of the other students think she and Fenmore¬†should date.


Name: Pierce Palsy

Power: Flame Breath

Likes: Picking on Fenmore

Dislikes: Being told he’s wrong (especially by Fenmore)

Bio: Fenmore’s Twin. ¬†Pierce is generally pretty chill, but once his fuse is lit, it’s only a matter of time before he explodes. ¬†Lucky for most, that fuse is usually only lit by ¬†Fenmore. ¬†Unlucky for them if they happen to be nearby when they happen. ¬†Most still think he’s cool anyway, but some are wary.


Name: Ryan Trace

Power: ???

Likes: Tacos and Waffles

Dislikes: Being Bored





Name: Ilham Alberti

Power: ???

Likes: Fanny Packs

Dislikes: Insubordination and Tomfoolery

Bio: The resident “nut”, as her peers call her, Ilham is distrustful and strict. ¬†But she also intimidates the hell out of them with her intensity, so few dare to fight her when she steps in. ¬†No one knows where that gas mask came from, either, as she sure wasn’t wearing one prior to getting trapped in the school.


Name: Haven Gillespie

Power: ???

Likes: Avery

Dislikes: Not responding to internet comments.

Bio: Haven is an internet celebrity and already earns a living off of making videos. ¬†Most of the other students are desperate to be her friend, constantly offering to do ¬†favors for her to win her notice. ¬†Unfortunately, this has gotten her into trouble several times, as she doesn’t always realize their intention until it’s a little too late.


 Name: Avery Postrau

Power: ???

Likes: Haven

Dislikes: Having to reprimand his peers

Bio: A member of the school ROTC, and part of as many other afterschool activities as he can cram in.  He makes bettering himself his life.  He also makes obeying  authority his number 1 priority.  Despite this, he is a pretty chill guy, and most of the other students have a high respect for him, despite being a little jealous of his relationship with Haven.  About the only student loudly against him is Austin, but who listens to Austin anyway?