Hey all!  It’s been a few weeks so I wanted to go ahead and give you an update on the current state of things.

I’m still working on getting moved into the new place.  Moving got a little delayed in May (Haha, covid) and I didn’t start really getting stuff into my new place until last weekend.

As for the state of Paisley Brickstone, I’m still not completely certain what I’m doing with it, and am trying not to worry about that too much until I’m finished with my move (which I should be mostly settled by the end of the month/early July).  What I CAN say about it is that I settled on a script for Chapter 2 and I’ve started inking pages.  And that whatever state it gets released in, it’s going to be RAD.  You’re gonna laugh, you’re gonna cry, and you’re gonna hopefully not get murdered by a toothy, shadow unicorn.  (And if you do, I claim no responsibility)