Hey guys! This is the beginning of the reboot of Paisley Brickstone. For now we’ll only be updating weekly on Tuesdays while I get adjusted, but I am hoping to change that in the future as things get rolling more smoothly.

So I don’t think I ever really announced on here why I disappeared for so long or why this reboot is happening.

I’ve been interesting in running a kickstarter for this comic for quite some time, but unfortunately a lot of the original pages were not prepared print. Print just wasn’t something I considered originally when starting this comic as it was mostly just a way to ease myself back into making comics again after not really touching them in years. A lot of those early pages also suffered a lot as I had a lot of rust I needed to scrape off on top of me just not really having a solid plan for what I really wanted for this comic. Now that I do, on top of it just being necessary to fix the art on early pages for the sake of print in the first place, I felt it best to go ahead and work out some of the kinks in the story as well. The new prologue + chapter 1 should feel familiar, but with some major changes, but I personally feel it’s a vast improvement on the original.

Hope you guys enjoy, and stay tuned for upcoming pages πŸ˜€