That’ll wake you up.

The site’s still a little bit of a mess on certain pages, but I’ve finally set up an e-mail in case anyone needs to contact me about anything related to all things Paisley Brickstone, whether it be questions, concerns, compliments, criticism, fanart, shower thoughts, visions, premonitions, predictions, you name it. Just shoot me an e-mail over at and I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as I can! If for whatever reason you forget this, it’s on the about page 😀

On that note, the art tab is eventually where fanart is going to go, so if you have any for me you’d like me to display, send it my way! If you have any that you don’t want me to display, send it anyway as I’d love to see it, just be sure to let me know in the e-mail that you don’t want it up anywhere so I can respect your wishes while at the same time still get to enjoy the beautiful art myself. And if you don’t think your art is beautiful enough or that I won’t like it, please send it anyway! I appreciate any and all fanart regardless of skill level or style.