And that’s it for this update!!

Special thank you and shoutout to AndrewDavid, the writer and creator of Aikonia, for helping me get the navigation bar working properly!! No more annoying “CLICK HERE FOR THE NEW UPDATE” pages 😀

Anyway, I’m taking the week off next week so work may or may not happen on the next batch (which I believe is 7 pages? Not really set in stone, these things just depend on where a good cutoff is.) My next project for the site WILL be the newsletter, which I’ll be using some of my time off next week to look into, I think. But those who want to keep up with when the next update will be, follow my twitter! I try to keep people posted on there about stuff going on: @DojoTheGreat. Expect it to be around mid-april, though. Once I’m refreshed I’ll try to get things going smoother and more frequent.

And thank you all for bearing with me during the dry spell! I love and appreciate you all!