Sorry for the delay with this page… there was no reason for it outside of “Dojo got really sleepy yesterday and completely forgot to upload”. It’s been a very crazy week!

Really hoping we can get back to the multi-page updates in the next couple weeks. A couple of the bigger series I color just went on hiatus (The Beginning after the End’s second season just ended, and Magical Boy is briefly paused) so I should have more energy to work on more pages to get that buffer nice and beefy enough to increase page counts.

On that note I don’t think I’ve mentioned on here the other projects I work on… I think I vaguely mentioned I work on other comics for a living, but I don’t believe I’ve ever mentioned WHAT comics I’ve worked on.

For those who are interested here’s just a few of them. For those not interested, check this neat place out.

Magical Boy
The Beginning after the End
Two Sizes Too Small
Whispers of the True King
The Witch’s Throne
Blink (Finished)

I also helped a little with Cheshire Crossing (credited) and colored/flatted/graphic’d some of Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy (uncredited)

I’ve also done the lettering/typesetting of a bunch of different projects. Anyone who wants to know which can ask so this doesn’t turn into just a wall of ads (especially since 90% of what I work on is pay to read).