Hey guys! We’re coming up on the end of the prologue, and with that I actually have a lot of announcements! And I mean a lot.

Don’t worry, the comic will still be here. All this means is that the site may be down for a day or so in the next couple days, but when it’s back, it’ll be running better than ever!

That’s right. We’ll be jumping down to one update ever two to three weeks, BUT each update will be around TEN PAGES worth of content. I already have more than enough pages prepared for this, and am fully capable of finishing the required pages in that time frame. But the main reason for this change is I have just never been satisfied with a single-page update schedule. Paisley Brickstone wasn’t originally written around single page updates, and I feel it’ll help the story flow better if I switch things to this. This does mean that updates may not always be on a set day (I do have a buffer right now but it’ll be a lot harder to build buffer up if I lose it), but that brings me to our third announcement:

In an effort to keep delivering weekly content to you guys, while also making sure you know ahead of time when updates are set to come out, I’m going to be starting a weekly newsletter! Signups aren’t open quite yet for it but I’ll try and have those open with the next update. I’m hoping to get two flavors for the newsletter, one for those who ONLY want e-mail notifications whenever an update goes live, and one for those interested in reading the Brickstone Blather, Paisley Brickstone’s school newspaper, which will feature articles, tips, and other goodies written by the students of the school (this will also include the notifications for new updates so you shouldn’t need to sign up for both). Here’s a little preview of the header to give you a small taste of what’s to come:

Newsletter Header

As many of you know, I deleted my Patreon awhile back as I was dissatisfied with how Patreon handled a few things regarding my patrons themselves and their money. I recently opened up a Ko-Fi GOLD account where you can now transfer your monthly support to, for those interested in tossing a few bucks my way. There’s not a whole lot there for subscribers now so at the moment it’s only there for those interested in showing their support without much in return, but I’m working on a few ideas to hopefully sweeten the deal in the future. If you’re interested, though, you can find my Ko-Fi page either through the support link next to the page above OR here: https://ko-fi.com/dojothegreat

Anyway, and kind of a fifth announcement, but next week is the final update for the prologue! After that I may take a week or two to make sure I have everything together before we dive into Chapter 1. This is a lot of new and exciting stuff, and I want to make sure everything’s as good as it can be before I start dishing it all out to you guys. I hope you all have a fantastic day, and I’ll see you next week!