AND THAT IS THE END OF THE PROLOGUE. Starting with the next update, we’ll be having much larger updates, and HOPEFULLY have the newsletter going by then. I hit a snag with setting it up that needs fixed but it might be a bit before it can be.

For now I’m just gonna say, check back on the 29th-30th. So basically, about the same time you would check for updates as they are now for the tuesday/wednesday flip flops, just skip a week. Our first EPISODE will be then! Newsletter may or may not be then!

Also, did you notice how much FASTER the site is now??? We are officially moved! Also, to anyone who attempted to e-mail me between now and I’m not sure when, sorry the e-mail was broken. My previous host randomly decided I needed to be charging for that in an extra package at some point, despite it saying it came with the site when I first got this site, and I never got it fixed. It’s fixed now! And should remain fixed for the foreseeable future. So any fanmail, fanart you want me to see, hate over the redo or the fact that Austin isn’t the main character, etc. can be sent there, and I will see it! Send it ALLLLLLL to I will love you and it even if you don’t love me. (And please please please do send me any fanart you’ve done. I need more work for when I finally sit down and start working on the art page)